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Lemongrass Sanitizer &
Bug Spray

made with Pure & Natural, 
Organic Essential Oils

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Get ready to Battle Colds & Flu
Carry VidaAire to sanitize, spray in the air or on hands when coughing or sneezing.

Ughh!  Bugs. . Bed Bugs . . Lice
Spray on clothes, Lemongrass used in Citronella . . . People like VidaAire
bugs don't.
Breathe Healthier with VidaAire
Did You Know .  .  .

VidaAire®   contains 
No Alcohol   No Triclosan   No Animal Testing

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         The Pure and Natural, 
     Organic oils used in VidaAire®  
Safe for Kids, Pets, & the Air You Breathe
Unlike Purell, which is applied to just the hands,  VidaAire®  can be sprayed into the air, and in any room in the house (nurseries, sick rooms, bathrooms, office).  Use to sanitize and cleanse desks and chairs, doors, tables, drapes, bed linen, carpets, chests, shoes, luggage, showers, garbage cans and most any surface.  Can be used in spas, gyms, college dorms, schools, restaurants, public restrooms, 
hotels, when traveling on airplane seats, the uses can be endless.  
Now on Sale 
at Whole Foods
& your Local Health Store!!
VidaAire Green Sanitizer
About Our Logo

VidaAire®  is based on Ancient Egyptian herbal traditions that date back thousands of years.  We wanted to acknowledge this rich ancestry and culture for its extraordinary gift of Aromatherapy. The image of the Egyptian flowers along with the other symbols in the hieroglyph define the unlimited potential of healing 
through the power of  flowers, thus making it,
"Good 4 You, Good 4 the Earth".
Beneficial to people with allergies
to harsh chemicals

Use as a linen spray to sanitize, calm, 
and relax 

Instantly leaves air fresh, neutralizes 
and eliminates odors

Natural, clean, uplifting, pleasant aroma
Bring Nature Home
Wonder Kids Going Green 
with VidaAire !!!
Research & Development
VidaAire Logo
VidaAire Aids in Calm Restful Sleep
Check Up To Date Environmental News
To Keep Bugs Away . . .

Spray on airplane seats, hotels & cruise cabins, luggage, clothes, bedding, movie theaters, camps, college dorms, outdoor activities.

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